Top Knives For Your Kitchen

Congratulation! You have made the decision to transform your cooking by visiting our website. Whether you are new to the culinary world or professional chefs, good knives can take your cooking to the next level! We are here to help you find the right tool that can transform your cooking, “wow” your friends and family and keeps you motivated in the kitchen.

We will walk you through everything that you need to know about knives so you can have a better understanding of your preferences and make the best choice possible.

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Ultimate Knife Choices

Knives are one of the most important tools to have in the kitchen because most of the food prep involves cutting. Good knives are sharp, durable, and comfortable to use. They make your food taste better, look better, cleaner and most importantly are safe to work with.


Low quality knives cannot retain the sharp edge for long and dull blade are so dangerous. Cutting with a dull blade requires more force and higher risk of slipping into your hand while cutting. The kitchen has enough danger as it is, there are no need for extra risks

High quality knives are sharp which require little to no resistance while cutting, prevent slipping and definitely safer. The edge of these knives will stay sharp longer and you can use these knives for years if you can maintain them. Keeping your knife sharp gives you cleaner cut, more precise and just the knife cuts alone can make you a pro chef in people’s eyes.

What to look for in a knife?

Everyone is different, but a knife is an extension of your arm so it should feel comfortable to you like your own arm. Some people enjoy heavy knives, some prefer light weight knives, but in general here are what you want to look for:

_The handle should allow you to maintain comfortable grip while cutting without adjusting constantly

_The length of the blade will depends on what you cut. Usually, smaller knives are for more detailed cuts, bigger knives for bigger products. The longer the blade, the harder it is to control.

_The weight of the knife should not make your arm tired after cutting for a long time and you want to feel balance in your hand. Not too much weight on either the blade or the handle, this gives you better control.

The only way to find out how a knife feel is by hold it in your hand. This takes trials and errors in order to feel the right knife for you, but you will realize your preference very quickly. Follow these guides and you will be able to find the knife of your dream.